Jamil Shrine Center
Columbia SC 

Clubs & Units

Aiken Shrine Club
President James Gay
803 624-0214
Meetings - 3rd Tuesday at the Aiken Shrine Club

Camden Shrine Club
President Mike Cook
803 427-8560
 Meetings - 3rd Monday at the Camden Shrine Club
Gamecock Shrine Club
President Ervin Boykin
803 983-3576
Meetings - 1st Tuesday at the Gamecock Shrine Club
Kershaw Shrine Club
President Mike McManus
704 681-0098
Meetings - 4th Monday at the Kershaw Shrine Club
Red Fez Shrine Club
President Glenn Hill
Meetings - 3rd Thursday at the Red Fez Shrine Club
2465 378 East McCormick SC 29835
Sandhill Shrine Club
President Robbie Williams
Meetings 3rd Tuesday at the Sandhill Shrine Club
Aiken Clowns
Director William Sizemore
Meetings - 1st Monday at the Aiken Shrine Club
Director George Priester
Meetings - 3rd Monday at the Beachcombers Building
irector - Todd Touchberry

        Meeting - 4th Tuesday

Blinking Buzzards

Director - Scooter Winfrey

Meeting - 4th Tuesday - 7:00PM

2118 Woodrow Rd., Sumter, SC 29153

(843) 610-5742


Director - Darrell Fenton

Meeting -  3rd Monday - 7:00PM

Director - Dean Strickland
803 237-0070
Meetings - 2nd Monday at the Directors Staff building
Choo Choos
Director -Fred Koen
803 315-4967
Meetings - First Tuesday 7:00 pm at the Choo Choos building
Director Jerry Carter
803 460-4014
Meeting - 1st Friday at the Gamecock Shrine Club
Color Guard
Director James Hinkle
Meetings - 4th Wednesday at the Gamecock Shrine Club
Directors Staff
Director Arden Sharpe
803 212-5034
Meetings - 2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm at the Directors Staff Building

Flying Fezzes

Director - David Byrd

Meeting - 2nd Monday - 6:00PM


Hospital Relations
Director - Larry Gentry
Meeting - 4th Thursday - 7:00PM
Jamil Hillbilly's
Director - Larry Pearce
803 608-0129
Meetings 2nd Monday 7:00 pm
at the Jokers Building


Directors - Kenneth Brown

Meeting - 3rd Thursday - 7:00PM 

Director - Mike Lambert
803 600-7950

Keystone Cops

Director - Kevin Hatch

Meeting - 1st Sunday - 7:30PM 

Motor Patrol

Director - Justin Gable

Meeting - As needed


Potentate's Guard

Director - Dwight Harsey

Meeting - 1st Monday - 7:00PM

Past Potentate's
Director- Lance Carpenter P.P.
Meetings - 1st Wednesday at 7:00pm at Jamil Temple
or as otherwise called by the Director

Provost Guard

Director - Al Wood

Meeting - 2nd Wednesday - 7:00PM

Jamil Racers
Director - Clark Frady

Ron Lockaby
Meetings 2nd Monday 7:00pm

Jamil Streakers
Director Arthur Bradley
803 491-7665
Meetings 2nd Wednesday 6:00pm
At Ace Parker Tire
Director Phil Thompson
Meetings - 3rd Monday
Director W. "Andy" Andrews
Meetings - 2nd Monday 7:00pm at the Jokers Building
Jamil Wheels
Director-Bert Daras (BOSS)
Meetings- 2nd Wednesday's 7:00pm

If your Unit or Club would like to

advertise a project or event,

 please call Jamil Shrine Temple